Personalized Nutrition

Suppose you could have a nutrition plan that includes delicious, medically-formulated meal replacements of every variety as well as your own lean healthy meals, all designed to keep you full and satisfied while you lose weight?

It’s fast, hassle-free, simple to follow and based on the healthy habit of eating 6 total meals per day – one every 2-3 hours! And your results are enhanced by the unique support system I offer – from a nutritional, behavioral, and mindset approach. You will also have the benefit of joining a community of like-minded individuals who have the same goals of a healthy body and life, providing inspiration and support. You may even realize they have faced the same challenges as you, making it so you don’t feel so alone during your transformation.

Why I offer a Meal Replacement Plan

I offer medically-formulated, portion-controlled meal replacements because they are nutrient dense.  No matter how hard you try, it is nearly impossible to get all the nutrients you need from food you buy at the grocery store alone.

It helps reinforce the habit of eating every 2-3 hours with convenience and ease. It is challenging in today’s hustle and bustle world to take the time to stop and eat foods that nourish your body properly. Often you can go to that quick nutrient-lacking food, not eat at all, or worse yet, pick up a sugar-laden drink from your favorite coffee shop (sorry Starbucks).

The replacement meals, coupled with a lean meal, create a fat burning state which leaves your body feeling full and satisfied while you lose the weight.

Packaged food not for you?

No problem, I offer other avenues to create a nutrition plan that is right for you. Schedule a Discovery Session today and I will be happy to share those options with you.

Lifestyle Strategy

The goal is to replace poor eating and other lifestyle habits you might have developed with healthy ones that will contribute to your long-term success. By making small, consistent changes in your habits, you can learn to sustain your results for life. Your plan could be centered around eating, sleep, stress, movement, or getting to a healthy weight.
You will have me as a guide in making good habits a part of your everyday life so that choosing the healthy solution becomes a routine that feels as natural as breathing.

We will address the habits that do not serve you, and replace them with behaviors that will serve you in reaching your goals.

Mindset Mentoring

This is the glue that holds the program all together. I know that if we were to hold a microphone to our minds we may be shocked to illuminate the unkind things we say to ourselves. What we think we become. I assist in bringing these thoughts out and helping you become a supportive piece in your own health journey.


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